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Carpet Cleaning Services in Kent.

Say goodbye to wet carpets – we dry clean them!

Using a specialised dry carpet cleaning compound we are able to clean your carpets leaving them fresh and ready for immediate use.

This means no keeping the kids out of the rooms or having tocarpet cleaning service Kent wait for the summer months to dry the carpets and means no downtime for business premises and removes health and safety risks associated with moving from carpeted to hard floors.

So how do we dry clean carpets?

We use envirodriĀ® as our preferred carpet cleaning compound.

envirodri carpet cleaningMade from tiny micro sponges we agitate the sponges deep into the carpet to remove stains, dirt and soiling.

Once the sponges have ‘worked their magic’ we then vacuum the soiled sponges into the machine which has a commercial strength Hepa filtration system which the dust passes through and is then trapped.

This increases air quality, removes dust mites.

Safe around pets and children.

Our carpet cleaning system is 100% safe around pets and children as no harsh chemicals are used.

In addition the system is ideal for wool blend carpets – as there is no water thereby eliminating the risk of shrinkage.

The benefits of envirodriĀ® dry carpet cleaning.

  • Natural detergent and wetting agents to dissolve and absorb both water and oil based dirt.
  • Suitable for all types of carpets including wool.
  • Formulated from the highest quality, organic ingredients.
  • REACH compliant, tested and certified by Woolsafe.
  • Prevents shrinkage and colour bleeding – does not leave a sticky residue.
  • Environmentally aware and 100% biodegradable.
  • Suitable for use in facilities with busy 24 hour access such as hotels, airports, hospitals and nursing rooms or where low moisture is required.
  • Available in white tea, green tea and fragrance free.

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