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Communal cleaning service for blocks of flats in Kent.

Brightday Cleaning provide weekly or fortnightly cleaning services for residential blocks of flats in communal areas.

First impressions count!

As the first point of contact it is essential to create the right impression for tenants, visitors and potential buyers who will benefit from well presented clean lobbies, entrance halls and communal staircases.

Communal cleaning service for blocks of flats in Kent.

We provide property management companies and landlords a quality communal cleaning service to improve and maintain environmental standards for the blocks of flats they manage.

We provide communal cleaning service for blocks of flats in Kent on a regular, weekly or fortnightly basis.

We also offer other related services such as window cleaning, bin store cleaning and reporting on vandalism and faults.

Communal Cleaning Service:

  • Wipe down handrails
  • General dusting and polishing
  • Wipe sills and skirting
  • Vacuum carpets and mop tiled or hard floors
  • Courtesy clean any doormats out side tenants properties
  • Remove unwanted junk mail and forward important mail from unoccupied properties
  • Ensure riser cupboards and landings are kept free from obstruction
  • Window cleaning – internal and external
  • Seasonal carpet cleaning

In addition to communal cleaning we also:

  • Report on vandalism
  • Report faults for blown bulbs (or replace)
  • Report faulty smoke alarms
  • Provide grounds maintenance for gardens and car parks
  • Clean bin stores
  • Annually display your insurance certificate and other notices you wish to bring to the attention of tenants

We are very experienced inĀ communal cleaning service for blocks of flats in Kent offering a wide range of services to keep your blocks of flats clean and presentable.

Give us a call today on 0800 234 3511 or use the contact us page for all you communal cleaning service requirements in Kent.