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Doctors Surgery, Medical Centre Cleaning Canterbury, Kent.

Professional cleaning for Doctors Surgeries & Dental Practices Cleaning Service.

We provide Doctors Surgery, Medical Centre Cleaning Canterbury, Kent understanding how important it is for your premises to meet the highest standard of cleaning to support infection prevention and control and play our part in maintaining the role of improving the cleanliness of the care environment.


In line with The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice we can help ensure your Doctors surgery, dental practice or medical centre is cleaned to the standards set by the Quality Care Commission (CQC).

A typical cleaning service would include:

  • Waiting rooms
  • Reception Area
  • Consultation Rooms
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Toilets
  • Offices
  • Windows, doors, surfaces, floors

Our Doctors Surgery and Medical Centre Cleaning in Canterbury Kent can be tailored to your specific requirements – nothing is to much just ask!

To ensure an effective cleaning schedule we will:

  • Design a cleaning plan specific to your premises
  • Have a clear definition for cleaning staff so they know their exact role
  • Have in place a colour coding system in line with the British Institute of Cleaning Science directive
  • Regular cleaning audits which will be recorded
  • Supply a range of effective cleaning products to help in reducing risks of contamination and the spread of diseases
  • Provide support to cleaning staff and additional cleaning if required

If you feel your cleaning does not meet the required standard set by the CQC or you need a fresh approach get in touch to find out more about our Doctors surgery, medical centre and dental practices cleaning services. Call today on 0800 234 3511 or complete the online form here.